UPVC Lift and slide doors

What you need to know

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Technical Info

  • 5-chamber system with integrated steel reinforcement
  • Optimized sealing system in the middle area
  • Lift and slide door safety mechanism
  • Leaf depth: 82 mm, frame depth: 194 mm
  • Maximum glass thickness up to 52mm
  • Sash weight: up to 400 kg
  • Decorative foils in 40 colours and wood grain
  • Optional: low threshold for barrier-free living

Free design

options The plastic profile can be finished with high-quality RENOLIT high-performance films. These are available in 43 colours and decors with a deceptively real wood grain. For even more flexibility, different colours can be selected indoors and outdoors.

Saving energy

The multi-chamber system promises optimal thermal insulation and thus a healthy room climate. In conjunction with selected low-emission coated pane packages and an innovative sealing system, outstanding thermal insulation parameters are achieved.

Long-term functionality

To reinforce the stable plastic profile, all-round steel reinforcements and aluminium profiles are integrated. These make the construction robust and durable.

Optimal burglary protection

Modern lift-slide fittings from the renowned company GU secure your home from uninvited guests. The door leaf is locked firmly and prevented from being levered out. Robust ventilation hooks also enable safe night ventilation, even when you are not there.

Easy cleaning Plastic is extremely easy to care for and easy to clean. The smooth surface is dirt-repellent and does not yellow. The additional use of RENOLIT films protects against dangerous UV radiation.