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Technical Info



3-chamber aluminium system with multiple thermal break points for excellent thermal insulation. Frame depth of 70 mm; Sash depth of 79 mm


Double to triple glazing; for thermal insulation, sound insulation, privacy protection and security.


Sealing system EPDM as well as disc and stop seals.


High-quality MACO MULTI MATIC KS fittings for reliable security and optimal contact pressure.

MB-70 aluminium windows give your facade a modern look

Our Aluminium MB-70 series are the ideal solution for living rooms in which thermal and acoustic insulation from the outside is necessary. The construction depth of the flush profiles is 70 mm for outer frames and 79 mm for window sashes. Aluminium profiles MB-70 from Aluprof allow the construction of narrow and at the same time stable window elements. The sash and window frames designed in this way give the impression of a uniform or flush outer surface.
Thanks to the use of special polyamide seals, our aluminium windows have a very low heat transfer coefficient. The insulating section used also have a seal at the contact point between the profile and the thermal seal as well as guides that divide the chamber between the outer and inner aluminium profile into three parts. The omega-shaped Thermal breaks have a width of 34 mm ( in some cases this is 6 times wider than market comparable profiles), increase the rigidity of the profiles in relation to flat thermal breaks and facilitate the drainage of the profiles. The seals are made from EPDM. The massive cellular seals are characterized by their long service life and very good thermal insulation properties. In order to further improve the thermal insulation of the system, special thermal inserts can be used inside the profile (MB-70 HI). The system enables glazing with a thickness of 21 mm to 57 mm for window sashes and from 12 mm to 48 mm for fixed window sashes. For the glazing area it is possible to insert all commercially available but also individually specified se`aled unit options