Iglo 5 Energy

What you need to know

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Technical Info

  1. The 7-chamber SYSTEM with a frame depth of 82 mm and a sash depth of 96 mm as well as the rounded shape on the outside optimize the energy efficiency considerably
  2. To improve thermal insulation, the windows are equipped with the world's first centre seal made of foamed EPDM. This enables a heat transfer coefficient of 0.6 W / m 2 K
  3. A large profile reinforcement chamber with steel reinforcement and optional fiberglass reinforcement. Furthermore, the windows are equipped with the most modern fittings on the MACO market
  4. The rounded system profile is made exclusively from primary materials and offers a wide range of colours and shapes in selected designs
  5. Possibility to choose glazing with one, two or three chambers with a maximum glass sealed unit of 48 mm and optionally use of the latest thermal insulation coating (U g value of 0.3 W / m 2 K)

Wide range of colours.

he wide range of Renolit decorative foils in 43 colours. The colours and grains presented may differ from reality.

Thermal insulation.

In addition to the frame, the right glazing is particularly important for optimal thermal insulation. SSG PLANTITHERM®XN glazing from the renowned manufacturer SAINT-GOBAIN is used for this in the energy-saving IGLO windows. The insulating glass has a low-emission Thermofloat coating and can also be equipped with the "warm edge" from SWISSPACER, which further improves the heat transfer coefficient. Individual requests for window security and increased sound insulation can be met with selected safety glass. Obscure and structured glass 


The high-quality MACO MULTI MATIC KS fittings offer reliable Security protection. The fittings equipped with Bidirectional safety mushroom cams and Various security classes with up to hardware according to RC 2 (formerly WK2) are available. In addition, the fittings from the renowned MACO company improve the contact pressure of the window. This leads to 0% air leakage and saves valuable energy