What you need to know

IGLO 5 windows combine exceptional looks with the most advanced technologies in the field of thermal insulation. The UPVC windows developed by DRUTEX are valued by customers above all for their simple aesthetics and ageless appearance. The sophisticated design is produced using the latest process technology, with the rounded edges reflecting the latest trend on the window market. The thermally insulated 5-chamber profile system with low insulation values ​​ensures minimal heating costs in winter with low energy consumption, or when operating air conditioning systems in the warm season. Security also plays a central role for us. The high-quality branded MACO MULTI MATIC KS fittings are used in all models. Together with the 5-chamber profile and steel reinforcement, IGLO 5 Classic windows are a worthwhile investment in durable and long-lasting windows. With our windows we want to make our contribution to your warm and safe hand secure home.

Technical Info

Your advantages at a glance

  • The design with a 5-chamber system and an installation depth of 70mm ensure excellent heat and sound insulation
  • The special structure and placement of the EPDM seals  coextruded with the profile ensures excellent insulation from the outside as well as longevity of the windows
  • The windows are equipped with the most modern fittings with two security cams from MACO MULTI MATIC KS. A large reinforcement chamber
  • design with rounded edges gives the windows a sleek appearance
  • wide range of of glazing double triple or quad and colours. In addition, the windows can be equipped with a warm edge spacer for maximum performance

Wide range of colours

The wide range of Renolit decorative films in 43 colours. The colours and grains presented may differ from reality.

Sealed units ,

The right glazing is an essential part of optimal thermal insulation. Thanks to a special Thermofloat, our modern SGG PLANTITHERM ®XN insulating glass has extremely low U values ​​of 1.1 W / m²K even with double glazing. This saves you noticeably valuable energy. Triple glazing and the so-called "warm edge" are also available for improved energy efficiency. This plastic spacer has a reduced thermal conductivity in contrast to the conventional aluminium edge. An extensive selection of obscure and structured glass as well as suitable safety and acoustic glass is also available.