Bi Fold MB70

What you need to know

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Technical Info


3-chamber profiles made of high-quality aluminium with a frame construction depth of 70 mm.


Maximum glazing thickness up to 50 mm. Individual insulating glazing with up to quadruple glazing with warm edges for outstanding Uw values.


The window and cover seals are made of EPDM. The centre seal consists of two-component EPDM: solid and cellular rubber.


All-round high-quality MACO fittings.

About the product

Aluminium folding slid system MB-70 - 

Whether winter gardens, terraces or balconies - the aluminium folding door system MB-70 is the ideal solution for the highest possible incidence of light on large areas. The aluminium profile is light, but still extremely stable and therefore ideally suited for wide glazing. The running rails are attached either to the upper frame (top-hung) or to the threshold (bottom-hung). The folding sliding door simply slides along them - after the door leaf has been operated - 
The 3-chamber profile achieves excellent thermal insulation values. In addition, window and cover seals made of EPDM and a centre seal, consisting of a two-component EPDM, protect against driving rain and wind. Optionally, you can also opt for triple glazing or ornamental glass. An extensive range of 200 RAL colours is available for exciting accents for personal design.