Aluminium HS lift and slide doors

What you need to know

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Technical Info



Aluminium multi-chamber profile with thermal separation. Installation depth of the frame 174 mm and the sash 77 mm.


Maximum glazing thickness up to 55 mm. Optional use of special glasses such as laminated safety glass or ESG as well as sun protection glass.


Lift & slide hardware system with a sash weight of up to 400 kg. Safety locking bolt and locking device for the night fan.


Aluminium threshold with thermal break for less heat loss.

About the product 

Aluminium MB-77 lift & slide door - beautiful design and high convenience

Large panorama windows want to be used optimally! The optimal solution for large openings is the MB-77 lift and slide door aluminium system, The MB profile is also suitable for large structures with a width of over 6 m and remains stable and comparatively light. Depending on the configuration, two to three running track within the frame ensure easy use of the elements and maximum functionality even with doors weighing up to 400 kg. Thanks to wide range of sealed unit options the HS door achieves very good heat and sound insulation parameters. In addition, the insulating EPDM seals ensure air permeability and tightness against driving rain. No compromises must be made in terms of design either. Over 200 RAL colours and wood grain like veneers meet almost all design requirement. The space-saving opening mechanism of the MB-77HS door also enables completely free interior design, as no opening radius of the patio door must be considered. Convenient operation is provided by suitable fittings with manual or automatic locking.